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When we were young

When we were young

we used to lie on our backs

face towards the sky

as we patiently watch

the clouds float across.



We sit on our backs

staring at the glass

as we intently follow

letters and numbers.


When we were young

warm smiles, sincere hearts

were the trading currency

between you and I,

love letters written

to show each other affection.



Papers and digital figures

are the common currency

across the globe,

emails typed

to exchange gains and losses.


When we were young

dreams were small,

a favourite dish

a secondhand toy

some time to play;

Easily satisfied.



Desires are grand,

a two hat meal

a trip around the world

a voluptuous house;

Impossible to maintain.


When we were young

our world seemed safe

consisting of both

home and school



Our world is in despair

consisting of both

greed and destructiveness


When we were young

When we were young

When we were young




We are no longer young,

scabs on our hearts

and tears in our ducts.

Yet, now

we have the power of


armored with compassion,

grounded in knowledge,

we can create changes


our lives,

our lovers’ lives,

our friends’ lives,

our communities’ lives.

More care, more respect,

more understanding.


When we are older,

let’s create some changes.

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