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It ain't a walk in the park

Some woman asks,

“when are you getting married?”

she knew a woman who’s boyfriend did not want to commit to her.

Another woman comments,

“you’re not planning to have kids?…that’s a shame”

As if the very acts of getting married and birthing

automatically bring meaning to one’s life.

And without a husband by your side

or kids trailing behind you,

you’re not a whole person.

Nobody tells you, “marriage ain’t a walk in the park”

or “I regret having kids”.


This is life.

A flow of ever-changing moments.

No major milestone defines who you are.

As a woman        or        a man.

Ask me instead --

what are your fears?

where lies your wounds?

your desires and

broken dreams?

See me for who I am,

not by the roles I play,

the colour of my skin,

the people that surround me,

or the possessions that I have.


They do not define me.

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