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There's a lot of hurt in the world
wounds unseen by the naked eye
One way we try to heal our pain
is to band together and create an us
With an us there's a common purpose
A sense of comradery and solidarity

The aloneness of singularity

appears to dissipate momentarily

Some of us try to heal the world

by creating more love and joy to share

Reach out through our fog of pain

to stroke the wounded hearts of ours

Others of us try to heal their wounds
by placing an us that versus the them

Spread their wounds wider and wider

label their rights against the wrongs of others

With an us there a common enemy

to distract us from our own injuries

The loneliness of singularity

hides inside our Trojan shells

One way we can heal the world

is to face our fears with extraordinary courage

Turn to each other broken hearted

to help us heal our unseen wounds.

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