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Ladders UooUoo: RCH 150th Anniversary

The iconic Royal Children's Hospital celebrated its 150th Anniversary in 2021. To recognize this major milestone, the RCH foundation, supported by Wild in Art, brought colour and creativity to the streets of Melbourne and Geelong through the public art trail Me and UooUoo (pronounced you you). One hundred UooUoo sculptures, each one individually designed by a Victorian artist, found homes in laneways, streets, parks and public spaces, forming walking trails throughout Melbourne and Geelong.

I was selected to be one of the 100 artists to design and work on an UooUoo, which I've named Ladders UooUoo. With the tone of the trail in mind (community, compassion, and participation), I moved away from the stylistic tone used in my recent works, which are darker and thought-provoking. For Me and UooUoo: RCH150 Anniversay Art Trail, I wanted to create a colourful UooUoo design that allows people of all ages to interact with the UooUoo sculpture in a playful way. The design of Ladders UooUoo consists of a modified version of the Snakes and Ladders game, without the snakes. The game represents our life journeys - sometimes our life journey stalls but it never goes backwards. Every experience along the way is relevant and formative. The audience can play the game and interact with the UooUoo using coloured dices presented alongside the sculpture.

See below for a video showing the sculpture in action.


Me and UooUoo opened in 20 January 2021 and run until 21 March 2021.

Ladders UooUoo is situated beside the NAB building, its temporary home in Victorian Harbour during the art trail.

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