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A moment of rest

She looked at me

as if her heart wasn’t shattered

on the floor in this nursing home


I never imagined my life

to turn out like this

She said


Childhood trauma

she never acknowledged

Unfamiliar pains

she never felt


Signs were there

when we laughed at her

- the toilet paper incident


Her mother’s screams

in front of her friends

as if another ordinary day

nurturing and care


Two teacups on the shelf


Rubbish bins in the bathroom


Filtered sunrays through the curtain


Condensed writings on the wall


Neighbor’s yelling across the corridor


Zombie-like man walking about


This time it’s not me

It’s outside of my control

She said


The scar on her neck

a physical reminder

of a psychological cancer


Crackling noises on the phone

and druggie connections

like the colour in black

if only they were real


Remembrances of youth

deep conversations of life

and dreams under the stars


Minute scribbles of class notes

on the outer edges of paper

A train of ambition and drive


Wrecked on the floor

in this tiny room with

soft shadows


A quiet moment of rest

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